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Sun Studio Creator

Sun Studio Enterprise


UML Modelling


Visual Paradigm

Together Architect

Together Developer

Together Designer

Magic Draw


Enterprise Architect

Altova Umodel 2005

Argo UML




DB Modelling

DB Designer

DB Visualizer

MDA Modelling

Compuware OptimalJ Architecture Edition

  • Win, Linux (18000€)
  • Modeling using metamodels: Domain model (Class model Service model, PIM), Application model (presentation bussiness db models, PSM), Code model (actual code generated from Application model using transformations)
  • Transformations are done through Technology pattern (PIM to PSM) and Implementation pattern (PSM to Code) which are defined by proprietary Template Pattern Language (TPL)
  • Various imports of existing models (UML, WSDL, JCA XML Schema, COBOL, JavaBeans etc.)
  • Almost complete IDE for MDA development (not fully MDA compliant though)
  • Transformation patterns for preesentation layers based on Struts, lightweight (DAO) and heavyweight (EJB) persistence models, RDBMS, web services, legacy integration through JCA, JMS integration and more
  • Support for deployment: IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, Oracle 9iAS, JBoss and Sun Java Application Server
  • Compatible only with particular version of J2RE


  • Win, Linux (10000€)
  • No proper support for PSM models. PIM is represented in terms of Class model, Class model is base of further transformations. Code model is represented as subsystem with various source code packages (represented as components)
  • Transformations to code are driven by Pluggable Generation Cartriges, ArcStyler also features complete cartridge development environment (JPython is scripting language used in cartridges)
  • Predefined transformation cartridges for Java, J2EE and .NET
  • Support of custom UML profiles
  • Support for reverse engineering (and thus MDA-enabling) legacy code (called Harvesting in terms of ArcStyler)
  • Support of UML, JMI, MOF, XMI, OCL standards
  • MDA Marks for anotations of model elements carry platform specific informations (they are linked to model)
  • Supported technologies: J2EE application servers and .NET platforms (BEA Weblogic, JBoss, IBM Websphere), databases (Oracle, Cloudscape, Hypersonic), EJB, JDBC datasources, JMS connection factories


  • Win (115200Kč)
  • Diagrams: Process Hierarchy (Catalyst), Process Thread (Catalyst), BPMN (BPMN), Use Case (UML), Class (UML), Object Collaboration (UML), Object Sequence (UML), Activity (UML), State (UML), Entity Relationships (ER-logical), Table Relationships (ER-physical);
  • MDA: CIM<->PIM<->PSM bidirectional synchronizer; tagging, PSM marking and custom templates enable writing transformations for any frameworks, preset templates for Java, Csharp, MFC, VB;
  • Code bidirectional synchronizers: Java (integrated in Eclipse), Csharp (integrated in Visual Studio .Net), VisualBasic, C;
  • Databases: class model | ER-logical | ER-physical bidirectional synchronizer; DDL generator; database schema reverser;
  • Reviewer: check